This seminar is designed to help managers in companies of all sizes, acquire the right tools and approach to managing the difficult, yet indispensable, creatures : trail-blazing talent.

The techniques that we will learn in this course are an outgrowth of my book published in France in Sept. 2019: Manager l’Intelligence et le Talent.

You will learn an effective approach for detecting, attracting, growing and retaining talented people.

By talent, we are referring to independent and at times disruptive thinkers, who are paid to think or act differently and not just follow an existing protocol. Yet, those very “exceptional” qualities make them frequently a harder fit within an organization - and, frequently a handful to manage. Evolutions in the 21st century workforce and technology is making this type of work, more prelevant. The ability to manage those whose output is not predictable is a key leadership skill.

Usually, talent management programs don’t work very well: we’ll see why. Managing talent is non-linear, and the feedback loops can break down easily. Managing talent requires a different playbook.

You don’t really manage talented people: you create the guardrails within which they can do their best work.


The seminar will be built around the following building blocks:

  • How to build a mutually agreed upon social contract with the talent you want to hire/keep: creativity and intelligence go hand-in-hand with motivation. There’s no cheating here

  • How to set up the right conditions for talent to be successful and grow

    • The CBA model: Challenge them / Back them up / Assess them

    • How to detect the right people: the entry rules

    • How to create the right context

  • How to help managers of talented people manage themselves

    • Resilience and stress management

    • How to activate and develop your own talent